Global Change Log

The Global Change Log is where you can see all the changes that have been made by your authorized users in your PIM system.

In this article, you'll learn how to navigate the Global Change Log.

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Understanding and utilizing the global change log

Filtering and viewing change logs based on different parameters

Knowledge Engine Filter



Understanding and utilizing the global change log 

To see all the changes made by users in your PIM system, navigate to Global Change Log under Configuration. To view more details about a specific change, click on View Change.


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Filtering and viewing change logs based on different parameters

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Here are all the filters you can filter your changes by:

  1. Event Type - The type of change being made (Additions, Updates, Deletions) 
    • Additions filter for anything that has been created, while Updates filter for changes to existing objects. Deletions are when objects are being subtracted.
  2. User Group - The users making the change
  3. Object - The item being changed (i.e. Attribute, Attribute Group, Brand, etc.)
  4. Language - The language variation being changed
  5. Catalog - The catalog this change is occurring in 

Knowledge Engine Filter

The Knowledge Engine Filter allows you to filter for changes made by the Knowledge Engine. Navigate to User Groups and select Knowledge Engine to activate the filter.

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