Attributes are used to surface data associated with the product. This data can be extended to search, filter, and organize product data. Within PIM, you should have the ability to create your own custom attributes, so you can have your data organized based on your business needs.

In this article, you'll learn how to use attributes and attribute groups to organize product data. 

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What are attributes? 

How do I add custom attributes? 

What are the different attribute groups? 


What are Attributes?

Attributes are value fields that stores information related to a product and associated with an Attribute Group.

Attribute Groups are used to organize attributes, so that we can view a product record in an organized manner.


How do I add custom attributes?

Custom Attributes can be created or edited by a Tenant within a PIM. The tenant has full control over these attributes. Custom attributes can be added to an existing Attribute Group (including Knowde Core Attribute Groups) for the exclusive use of the Tenant.


What are the different attribute groups? 

There are 10 Knowde attribute groups currently: 

  1. Features
  2. Functions
  3. Identification
  4. Processing Methods
  5. End Uses
  6. Packaging & Availability
  7. Properties
  8. Benefits & Claims
  9. Regulatory & Compliance
  10. Applications



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