Lead Scoring & Types

The Knowde Leads page makes it easy for you to qualify, analyze, and engage with prospects, allowing you to convert leads to customers and drive sales faster. 

An Engagement Score is applied to each lead created. The higher the score, the more engaged the lead is in your storefront. 

A Lead Type is set by you or can be automatically assigned by channel rules and is a way for you to track each lead as they move through the sales funnel. 

Learn about best practices to generate leads here.

In this article, you'll learn how to view and understand lead scoring and lead types.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


What is an Engagement Score?

How do I Track a Lead?

Lead Types


What is an Engagement Score?

An Engagement Score is calculated based on a user's behavior on your storefront. A higher score indicates a more engaged user and a lower score represents a less engaged one.

These are the actions that are calculated into an Engagement Score, in order from highest impact to lowest:

  1. User submits an RFQ
  2. User submits a Sample Request
  3. User submits a Document Request
  4. User views a Document or a Formulation
  5. User messages via Messenger
  6. User views your Storefront

Engagement Scores can help your team focus on high-intent leads and better understand your customers’ needs.

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How do I Track a Lead?

You are encouraged to change the Lead Type as your prospective customer moves through the sales funnel so that your team can more efficiently track them. The following are the steps to change the Lead Type:

  1. Navigate to your Leads grid 
  2. Click on the 1) row of the lead you want to edit, 2) use the quick actions menu, or 3) perform a bulk action
    1. If you click an individual lead row you’ll be taken to the overview page. On this page in the Lead Type section click the pencil icon in the corner and select the desired Lead Type from the drop-down menu. 
    2. If you want to use the quick actions menu, click the arrow within an individual lead row, click Change Status and select the desired Lead Type.
    3. If you want to edit the Lead Type of multiple leads using the bulk action function, check the box shown to the right of each lead row, then click Change Lead Type on the top of the grid and select the desired Lead Type.

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Lead Types

Inbound Lead: Inbound leads are considered visitors who have expressed greater interest in your offering, indicating a genuine lead.

Qualified Lead: Qualified Leads are considered ready for a sales professional on your team to reach out.

Opportunity: Opportunities are considered highly qualified leads who have been gauged to represent a viable deal.

Customer: Customers are contacts or leads who have placed an order with your business through Knowde.

Disqualified Lead: If you decide that a lead won't turn into an opportunity, you can disqualify it by changing the lead type and still have an audit trail for your sales process.

Archive/Unarchive: Archive or unarchive a lead to hide it or unhide it on the grid. 


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