Customize Your Management Grids

Your Grids that store all Leads and Requests, located within your Account Manger, are organized in a table format with multiple columns. There are many ways to manage Leads and Requests, and depending on your objective, you may realize that certain columns are more valuable than others. Custom Grids enables you to customize the view of all grids found in your Account Manager. 

In this article, you'll learn how to fully customize your grids.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers



Customize Your Management Grids

Saved Preferences


Customize Your Management Grids 

Grids can be customized on a User's basis. How you customize your grids, will not affect how another team member sees them. Customize your Grids based on your needs and role in the Company.

For example, if your Sales Team is structured by region, it may be more helpful for you to see a Buyer's location first instead of their product of interest. 


To customize your grids' columns:

  1. Navigate to the respective grid you want to customize.
    • Request Grids are located under Requests, and Leads are located under CRM 
  2. To add or remove a column from the grid, click on above the grid, then select or deselect a column 
  3. To reorder the columns, grab a selection using the double-line icon then drag the selection up to move the column left or down to move the column right on the grid
  4. Click Save to apply the column settings


Saved Preferences 

Saved column preferences will be maintained across sessions, which means even if you log out, the next time you log back in, you will still see your saved column settings. 

  • Click Save to apply the column settings
  • Click Reset to revert the column settings back to their original state
    • Default columns will always remain checked and cannot be removed from the grid's view. Default columns vary depending on the grid.


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