Searching on Knowde: Using Property Filters

Customers on Knowde have the ability to refine their search using property filters. 

In this article, you'll learn how to apply property filters.

Note: This feature is available to all Buyers



What is a Property Filter?   

Accessing Property Filters 

Best Practices  


What is a Property Filter? 

You can use Property Filters to filter through products based on their properties. Property Filters are  grouped based on the type of property they are. Some examples of properties are physical, mechanical, and electrical. 


Accessing Property Filters

Property Filters are available in every category on Knowde.

To access property filters:

1. Click on All Filters

2. Scroll down to Properties

3. Select the type of Property you wish to filter 


2024-03-11_18-20-17 (1).gif


Best Practices

  • Property Sliders - Easily click and drag our Property Sliders to set maximum and minimum filter values.
  • Conversions - Knowde empowers its global User base by providing 2-click conversions between a variety of common Units.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 6.38.42 PM.png

  • Specify Exact Range - For highly specific queries, type in the exact maximum and minimum values to automatically position the property sliders, avoiding the need to finesse them into position.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 6.41.12 PM.png


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