Search and Filter by Properties

If you are looking for a product that needs a precise range for a property, use our Property Filters. You can quickly narrow down your search results and ensure you are viewing products that fit your criteria.

In this article, you'll learn how to search and filter by properties. 

Note: This feature is available to all Buyers



Property Filters

Apply Property Filters to Your Search Results


Property Filters

Property Filters can refine your product search results based on their specific properties. These filters are categorized according to the type of property they represent, such as physical, mechanical, or electrical. 

For example, you may need your product to have a specific Melting Point, which can be found under the Physical Property Group. You may need the product to melt between 80-100 degrees F, therefore you would apply this filter to ensure your results are narrowed in for your needed criteria. 

Apply Property Filters to Your Search Results

Property Filters can be found in any category when searching or browsing on Knowde.

To filter your results by Properties:

  1. Enter your search query in the global search bar 
  2. Navigate to the Filters bar on the left hand sidebar
  3. Scroll down to Properties
  4. Select the type of Property you want to filter by
  5. Click and drag the sliders on the property filter to set a max and min range for the values that fit your criteria.
  6. Easily convert between a variety of common units with the 2-click conversion drop down, if needed
  7. For highly specific queries, specify the exact maximum and minimum values by entering the value in the text field. This will automatically position the sliders, avoiding the need to drag them.


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