Leads on Knowde: Filtering

Filter your Leads Page

In your Leads Page, you can apply Filters to segment the leads shown to you. You can filter by lead status, lead score, and Business Division.

Let's say you want to see all Leads triggered by products or documents in Division A.

  1. Navigate to your Account Manager --> Selling --> Leads
  2. In the upper right hand corner of your Leads Page, click into the Filters drop-down.
  3. Select Division A.

In your Leads dashboard, applying a filter will show you only Leads generated by actions taken on products or documents within one Division. For example, if a customer requested a sample of Product B within Division B, we would no longer see the lead generated by that action in this example.

This enables your sales staff to respond to Leads and Requests exclusively within their Division. You can also route those Leads and Requests by Division, ensuring the correct salesperson is notified when an action is taken within their Division.

Need to add Business Divisions to your storefront on Knowde? Read how here.

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