A Guide to Shipping with Knowde

On Knowde, Suppliers can specify the preferred shipment methods for their products. Once you receive a Quote from a Supplier, you will be able to view the shipping details and specifications on the Quote.

Learn more about how to Manage your Quotes here.

In this article, you'll learn how to ship with Knowde when applicable to your Order.

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Understand Incoterms

How to Use KnowdeShip


Understand Incoterms

Incoterms are a series of 11 internationally recognized terms that describe the rules and responsibilities that Sellers and Buyers follow during trade.

Some of the most common Incoterms that you may see in your Quotes are CPT, DAP, FCA, and EXW.

Carriage Paid To (CPT): Agreement in which the Supplier is responsible for arranging carriage to the outlined destination. The seller selects and pre-pays the carrier. Freight costs are frequently added by the Supplier to the final invoice.

Delivered at Place (DAP): Agreement where the Supplier is responsible for arranging carriage and any border crossing and customs fees for export shipments. The Supplier will pre-pay these and may add them to the final invoice, this depends on your specific arrangement with the Supplier.

Free Carrier (FCA): Agreement where the Supplier is responsible for transferring goods to a destination specified by the buyer (typically your carrier). The buyer is responsible for selecting and paying the carrier.

Ex Works (EXW): Agreement where the Supplier is expected to have the goods ready for collection at the agreed location (typically the Supplier facility). The buyer is responsible for collecting the goods from the facility, including the arrangement of transport.

For both FCA and EXW, customers have the choice of arranging shipments with their preferred freight carrier. Alternatively, Knowde offers KnowdeShip in the domestic USA, where we can arrange shipping on your behalf and add the freight cost to your invoice.


How to Use KnowdeShip

During the Checkout process, you will be asked to select a Shipping Service Provider if the Quote you are ordering against specifies buyer-arranged Shipping.

To use KnowdeShip:

  1. Begin the checkout process
  2. Select KnowdeShip as the Shipping Service Provider 
  3. A Shipping Quote will be generated immediately

If a Shipping Quote cannot be generated, we will contact you right after the Order is placed and provide one. This sometimes can occur due to address entry issues. 

Read more about all Incoterms here: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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