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Your Account Manager Home on Knowde provides a quick look into all your activity on Knowde. It shows you how complete your Storefront and Profile are, what unread messages or leads you need to respond to, and gives you a glimpse into how your sales pipeline is doing. Your Account Manager is your personalized command center on Knowde.

In this article, you'll learn about your Account Manager.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers, except for the detailed Analytics feature



How to Use Your Account Manager

Completeness Wizard

Recent Activity Sections

Response Time Scoreboard

Sales Pipeline

Analytics Quick View


How to Use Your Account Manager

First, who has access to the Supplier Account Manager? To view this page, you must be a Supplier with a Storefront on Knowde and have any of the following roles: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, or Contributor.

Note that though all of these roles can see some information on Account Manager, not all roles can take action on this information or view the entirety of it. We'll walk you through which roles can access which components in the sections below.

Learn more about roles and how to add them on Knowde here.


Accessing Your Account Manager

  1. When you log in from Knowde's Homepage as a Supplier, you'll be directed to your Account Manager 
  2. Or, from any page on Knowde, click the Account Manager in the upper right-hand corner and click View Home


The Overview is the section at the top of your Account Manager Home. It displays requests that are assigned to you requiring your attention or completion. You will only be shown information here that requires you to take action–for example, you may see new Leads, RFQs, or unattended Sample Requests

The number below the Document Requests, Sample Requests, or RFQ displays are representative of the total amount of requests needing attention across your company. At the top of each display, you'll see black text that describes how many of each lead or request has been specifically assigned to you. Clicking on one of them will direct you to your assigned leads or requests.

Roles with access: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, and Contributor 


Completeness Wizard

The Completeness Wizard is comprised of two sections: your Storefront Completeness indicator and your Profile Completeness indicator. You can easily flip between the Storefront Completeness and Profile Completeness tabs.

Your Storefront Completeness indicator helps you track your progress through the Onboarding process. It'll let you know how many tasks you have left to complete before your Storefront is ready to start generating leads. Click on Contact us for assistance at the top right corner of the section if you would like to reach out to Customer Success for help in completing your storefront. Learn more here.

Your Profile Completeness indicator also shows you the steps needed to complete your profile. Having a completed profile will help build trust with your customers and allow our team to better tailor your experience on Knowde to you. Similarly to Storefront Completeness, once your profile is 100% completed, this tab will disappear from your view.

Roles with access to the Storefront Completeness Indicator: Company Admin, Contributor (only has access to half of the tasks).

Roles with access to the Profile Completeness Indicator: All roles. Experts will see additional fields in their profile.


Recent Activity Sections

 This section will show you the most Recent Requests and Recent Leads that require your review and action, along with key details about the lead generator. You'll quickly see their name, role, company, lead score, and more information to help you take action. 

Read about Lead Types here.

Roles with access: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative.




Company Response Times Scoreboard

In this section, we calculate the average response time within your company for each type of customer request. 

From the scoreboard, you can either choose to view requests, or you can set up automated assignments. Learn more about Channel Rules here.

Roles with access: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, Contributor.


Sales Pipeline

Your Sales Pipeline displays and filters all of your company's leads by their current lead status. Each stage of the funnel indicates how close a prospect is to becoming a purchasing customer on your Storefront. The Sales Pipeline shows you, from a high level, how successfully you're converting MQLs to Customers.

You can filter both your Response Time Scoreboard and Sales Pipeline by date to surface data from all time, from the past 90 days, the past 30 days, or the past week. This gives you better insight into whether you're trending upwards or downwards so you can reassess your strategy or keep moving forward.

From the Sales Pipeline module, you can click View to see all leads with a specific status, or you can click View more insights to visit your detailed Analytics pages. These pages offer a deep dive into data and tools that will help you get to know your customers better and faster, allowing your Storefront or white label site to develop more leads and track each customer's entire purchasing journey. Please note these pages are part of Knowde's Premium Analytics offering, only available to Suppliers with a Premium membership on Knowde. Standard Storefronts still have access to the Executive Summary analytics page, providing high-level insights about your business performance. 

Roles with access: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, Contributor.



Analytics Quick View

The Analytics quick view section toward the bottom offers three types of data: Top Search Terms, Most Viewed Products, and Most Viewed Documents. These data points give you an idea of what's leading customers to your Storefront. 

Top Search Terms lists the most popular terms that are driving leads and customers to your Storefront. Each row in this card is clickable and will show you what customers see when they search that term on Knowde. Add full product information to make sure your products are discoverable on these pages!

Most Viewed Products allows you to see which products on your Storefront or white label site are the most popular based on the number of views they receive. Click on each row in this card to see that Product's page.

Most Viewed Documents allows you to see which documents on your Storefront or white label site are the most popular based on the number of views they receive. If you click on the Add Documents button, you'll be taken to a form in our Help Center designed for adding and updating your documents on Knowde.

Roles with access: Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, Contributor.


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