Add Your Products & Documents

Building out your Storefront for the Knowde marketplace or your CXP site is simple. Your Storefront is where potential prospects discover and can begin their procurement journey with your products.

In this article, you'll learn how to complete your Storefront by adding products and documents.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers



Add Your Products and Documents 

Edit Your Products and Documents


Add Your Products and Documents 

There are 3 ways to add your products and documents to your Storefront:

  1. Our Knowledge team can pull information directly from what's publicly available on your website
  2. You can provide us access to an internal portal you use to store this documentation
  3. Or, your team can send the documents to us.

If you elect Option #3, you can upload all product and document information by accessing our Support Portal and selecting Storefront Build and Edits here.



Edit Your Products and Documents 

Knowde is happy to help you make changes to your products or documents on your Storefront. You can either do this within our Storefront Editor on Knowde, or you can re-upload product or document Information via our Support Portal here.

To edit your products in Storefront Editor:

  1. Navigate to your Account Manager by clicking on your profile pill in the top right corner 
  2. Click Storefront, then Product Pages from the drop-down menu 
  3. Click Edit on the right of the product row you want to edit

Note: This option is only available if you are Company Admin or Contributor on your Storefront.

In Storefront Editor, you can also select images by uploading custom images or choosing from the Knowde Library to distinguish your products from one another. 

Learn more about the Storefront Editor here.

If you have any additional questions, or need support for this process, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or


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