Assigning Roles and Inviting Users

As a company administrator, you have permissions that allow you to assign roles and invite users

In this article, you'll learn how to assign roles and invite users to manage your Storefront. 

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


User Roles Overview

Messenger Representatives & Experts: What's the difference?

Assigning Roles

Resend an Invite


User Roles Overview

Company Member: This is a default Role that users receive when they join your storefront. This user cannot view leads, requests, customer information, or speak to customers. 

Representative: This Role can view and respond to customer requests and leads as well as view the insights dashboard. They cannot send messages to customers via Knowde Messenger. 

Messenger Representative: This Role can send messages to customers and respond to customer requests and leads but is not displayed publicly on your storefront. 

Experts: This Role can send messages to customers but cannot access any customer or lead information. Experts are publicly displayed on your Storefront. Read more about setting up Expert roles here.

Contributors: This Role cannot access customer requests or leads, but can manage and edit information on your Storefront via Storefront Editor.

Company Admin: This Role is the most powerful Role on your Storefront. Admins can view all incoming and outgoing information, whether that's your customer requests or your leads, and can respond to and manage them as well. Only Admins can assign new Roles to users in your Storefront or remove permissions. 


Messenger Representatives & Experts: What's the difference?

Your Storefront Experts are available to be messaged to by Buyers in Messenger and are displayed publicly on your storefront. Experts cannot manage or respond to requests. Messenger Representatives can manage and respond to requests, but they are not displayed publicly on your storefront.

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Assigning Roles

Inside your Account Manager, navigate to Settings, then click Users to land on the Users page. Here, you can manage the Roles assigned to each member of your Storefront and invite new members. You must be a Company Admin to change member Roles.

To assign a new company member a Role while inviting them, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Invite on the card of the Role you wish to invite. For example, if you want to invite a new company member and make them an Expert, click Invite on the Experts card at the top of your screen.

  2. This will trigger a pop-up module to open. Enter the new member's company email address into the first field and confirm your Role selection or click into the drop-down menu to add more Roles.

  3. Click Send invite when you're done.

Inviting Experts Gif.gif


Resend an Invite

After inviting a user, you will see their information appear at the top of the Users dashboard as a Pending User until they accept their invite. To resend an invitation and remind your member to sign up, click the 3 dot menu to the right of their name and select "Resend Invitation". This will trigger another invitation email.



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