Assign Roles and Invite Users

As a Company Administrator, you have the permissions to assign roles and invite users. 

In this article, you'll learn how to assign roles and invite users to help manage your Storefront.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers



User Roles Overview

Assign Roles

Resend an Invite


User Roles Overview

These are the following roles offered to your team to help manage your Storefront.

Company Admin: Company Admin is the most powerful Role on your Storefront. Admins can view all incoming and outgoing information, whether that's your Customer Requests or Leads, and can respond to or manage them as well. Only Admins can manage roles and permissions. Admins are the only ones that have access to the Company's Dashboard.

Company Member: Company Member is the default Role a  team member receive when they join your Storefront. This user cannot view leads, customer information, or speak to Customers.

This member is just affiliated to your Storefront because they have been identified to work at your Company. 

Contributors: Contributors can manage and edit information or imagery displayed on your Storefront for Customers by accessing the Storefront Editor. Contributors do not have access to Customer Requests or Leads.
Experts: Experts are publicly displayed on your Storefront so that Customers can reach out and ask questions about products directly. Experts can respond to Customers questions via Live Conversations, but cannot access Customer Requests or Leads. Learn more about setting up Experts here..

Messenger Representative: Messenger Representatives can initiate messages via the Messenger Chat to Customers to ask questions regarding Customer Requests or Leads. However, Messenger Representatives are not displayed publicly on your Storefront, like an Expert. 

Representative: Representatives can view and respond to Customer Requests or Leads as well as view the Insights Dashboard. They cannot initiate or respond to Customer messages on Knowde. 


Assign Roles

As a Company Administrator, you can invite new team members to manage roles assigned to each member of your Storefront.

To Invite a New User to your Storefront:

  1. Navigate to Users under Settings in the left hand sidebar

  2. Click Invite New Users on the top right corner

  3. Enter the new member's company email address in the pop-up module

  4. By default, the new user's role is a Company Member. To assign additional roles, click the Roles field and select additional roles as necessary

  5. Click Apply Roles, if applicable 
  6. Click Send Invite

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To assign or manage roles for an already existing team member:

  1. Navigate to Users under Settings in the left hand sidebar

  2. Click Edit Roles to the far right for the user you wish to assign roles for

  3. Select the roles you wish to assign to the user

  4. Click Apply Roles


Resend an Invite

After inviting a user, you will see their information appear as the most recent user added to the Users grid. However, they are a Pending User until they accept their invite. 

To resend an invitation and remind your team member to sign up:

  1. Navigate to Users under Settings in the left hand sidebar

  2. Locate the User you want to resend an invite to
  3. Click the 3 dot menu next to Edit button located on the right of their row 

  4. Click Resend Invitation to trigger another invitation via email

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