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Knowde's Messenger feature facilitates rapid and easy engagement with prospects. Prospects browsing for products can send your company messages and begin a conversation with a team member directly. Experts are displayed in the Experts tab of your Storefront's left hand sidebar or on relevant Product pages, making it easy for prospects to reach out to your team when they're ready. 

In this article, you'll learn how to onboard and manage Experts on your Storefront. 

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers



Invite Users

Assign Roles

Complete Your Expert Profile

Reorder Your Experts


Invite Users

In order for an Expert to onboard to your Store, they must be invited as a user. You can also apply the Expert role as you invite them. This will give them the ability to fill out an Expert Profile, so they can be displayed and messaged directly on your Storefront. 

Note: You must be a Company Admin to change member Roles. Read more about other roles here.


To invite a new company member:

  1. Navigate to Users under Settings in the left hand sidebar
  2. Click Invite New Users on the top right corner
  3. Enter the new member's company email address in the pop-up module
  4. By default, the new user's role is a Company Member. To assign additional roles, click the Roles field and select additional roles as necessary
  5. Click Send invite
    1. Your invited Expert will receive an email notification inviting them to sign up for Knowde and join your Knowde Storefront
    2. Once the invited Expert signs up they will be prompted to complete their Profile shown below
    3. All incoming messages to your Expert will appear in Messenger in My Inbox or in their Live Conversations Inbox

Note: Experts must have a recognized company domain in order to be added.


Assign Roles

To assign or edit a new company member’s Role:

  1. Navigate to Users under Settings in the left hand sidebar
  2. Search for the user that needs to have their role edited via the search bar on the top left corner
  3. Click Edit Roles and select the needed roles
  4. Click Apply roles


Complete Your Expert Profile

As an Expert, your Profile is displayed publicly on your Storefront. Sign up for Knowde by following the link found in the email notification. Navigate to your account by clicking on your Profile in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

To complete your Expert Profile:

  1. Navigate to My Profile by clicking your Profile icon in the top right corner 
  2. When hovering over your name in the drop down, it will prompt you to Edit Profile
  3. After landing on your Profile, Upload a high-resolution Profile Image
  4. Ensure the following fields are filled out in your Profile:
    • Name
    • Market
    • Department
    • Job Title
  5. Select the Expert Type  you are in the drop-down. The options are: 
    • Technical Expert
    • Marketing Expert
    • Customer Service Expert
  6. In the Expert Description field, summarize in a few sentences your role and what you are an expert in at your Company. This will help customers identify which expert they should reach out to if they have any questions regarding their procurement journey.
  7. Click Save at the bottom

Reorder Your Experts

You can reorder how Experts are displayed on the Experts tab by dragging and dropping the Expert row in place. You can reorder Experts on Product Pages, Brand Pages, or the Storefront Page all within the Storefront Editor.

You can also remove Experts from being displayed on your Storefront Editor by unchecking the Expert.

To reorder Experts:

  1. Navigate to your selected page grid under Storefront in the left hand sidebar
  2. Drag and drop Experts in place using the reorder icon on the right of the Expert row 
  3. Uncheck Experts using the checkbox on the left. This will hide the Expert from being displayed on your Storefront, or on the selected page. 
  4. Click Save on the top right of the selected page


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