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The first step to getting started on Knowde is setting up your account to sell on Knowde.

In this article, you'll learn how to sign up and set up your profile on Knowde.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers



How to sign up to sell on Knowde

How to set up your profile


Sign up to sell on Knowde

2024-03-12_16-44-50 (1).gifSigning up to sell on Knowde is easy! To ensure your success, please reach out to the Knowde team through the Get a Demo request form so we can get your account set up for you. 

  1. Navigate to Knowde for Suppliers on the top-right corner and select Knowde for Suppliers 
  2. Click on Get a Demo and fill out the quick form
  3. Our Sales team will reach out shortly to set up a demo and walk you through the storefront creation process!

Tip: Use your business email to Sign Up and get a faster response from our Sales team.

Congratulations on starting the Onboarding process! We look forward to speaking to you.


Setting up your profile

2024-03-13_13-42-57 (1).gif

Once you have created an account on Knowde, you are able to set up your user Profile. This Profile is shown to your coworkers in the Users page.

  1. Navigate to the upper right hand corner to Sign In
  2. Once Signed In, click on your Profile in the upper right hand corner and hover over your name.
  3. Click on the selected area to see your My Profile page in the Account Manager.
  4. Click into each field to update the information.

Need to change your Company? Reach out to Customer Success here, or send an email to!


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