Troubleshooting Common Issues

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What should I do if I encounter a data sync error? 

How to resolve login or access issues in the PIM system? 

Issues making updates within PIM?



Data Sync Error

If this occurs, please submit a Zendesk ticket. You can navigate to PIM Help at the top right corner of the Knowde PIM Platform and click on Submit Help Request. You'll be taken to a form where you will be asked to describe the issue you are facing. A customer service representative will reach out to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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How to resolve Login or Access issues in the PIM system?

Please try resetting your password on the Knowde site. If you still have problems accessing your account, please submit a request.

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Issues making updates within PIM?

Reach out to your company's Knowde PIM Admin to verify that you have the proper permissions to make updates within your PIM. If the problem persists, please send in a help desk ticket.



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