Glossary of Terms

Below are terms used within the PIM system. Please reference definitions when needed. 

Term Description
Attributes A field that stores information related to a product. A way to describe your products.
Attribute Groups A way to organize attributes that fall under the same type of classification.
Attribute Library A list of all attribute groups and their children attributes.
Catalogs A catalog is a collection of products that are chosen from the Master Catalog.
Categories A way to organize your products under a bucket.
Category Tree A way to organize all your categories in a hierarchy or in relation to one another.
Connector A Connector is away for you to migrate data into different systems.
Document Record There is only one master document record. This contains all information associated to a document, including every; attribute/attribute group, products, translations and more.
Product Master Catalog List of all product records and associated attributes, and data.
Alternative Value A given attribute with different values depending on the regions and catalogs.
View A saved search of the Master Catalog that has been refined by searching or applying one or more filters. 


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