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Looking to increase traffic to your Knowde Storefront? Promoting your storefront through your social accounts is a great way to start!

In this article, you'll learn how to compose the most impactful social media posts. 

Note: This article applies to all Suppliers


Generate More Traffic on Your Knowde Storefront

Creating highly engaging posts on social media will help generate more traffic to your storefront. Below are our tips and best practices for driving customers to your products on Knowde:

  1. Understand the objective of your post 

Whether you’re announcing your storefront to existing customers and followers or promoting a new product line available on your storefront, understanding the business objective behind each of your promotional posts allows you to promote a singular, targeted message. 

Your objective could be: 

  • A storefront launch announcement
  • Promoting a featured product
  • Promoting your brand and the value that you bring to your customers
  • Highlighting a technical expert who works at your company 

Tip: Add a URL link to the page you want to drive traffic to. 

  1. Focus on the 3 C’s for successful messaging

Clear: Use inviting language that clearly articulates what you’d like to convey to your audience. 

Concise: Stick to one, easily digestible message per post. Your customers can accomplish a lot on your Knowde storefront, but breaking down each post into a singular Call to Action (CTA) will avoid confusion and pique their interest. 

Consistent: Establish a consistent posting cadence to create an engaging environment that will bring your customers back time and time again. 

Tip: Don’t forget to include market-specific hashtags, like #PersonalCare. 

  1. Use eye-catching imagery to stand out amongst your competitors

Use beautiful, relevant imagery that will command your customers’ attention and cause them to stop, look, and read your post while they scroll. Every social feed is full of informational content given the digital age we live in, meaning it’s more important than ever to focus on creating engaging, unique content. 

Tip: Optimal sizes for social media channels are 1200x627px for LinkedIn, 1080x1080px for Facebook, 1600x900px for X, and 1080x1080px for Instagram.


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