Managing Channel Rules on Knowde

Drive more value from your Storefront using Channel Rules. Your Channel Rules Engine leverages powerful technology to automate and organize your Request and Lead workflows. Create rules to progress Requests and Leads from inbound to qualified or even automatically disqualify them.

In this article, you'll learn how to create and manage your Channel Rules

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


Create a Channel Rule

Manage Channel Rules

How to Filter Your Channel Rules Grid

How to Sort Your Channel Rules Grid


Create a Channel Rule

Channel Rules automate your company’s Request and Lead workflows and streamline your review processes. Follow the below steps to create your first Channel Rule or connect with your Customer Success Manager for assistance: 

  1. Navigate to Settings found in your Account Manager 
  2. Click Channel Rules from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Create Channel Rule in the top right corner of the Channel Rules page
  4. Enter a Rule Name
  5. Then define rules by adding as many attributes as needed in the Channel Rules section:
    1. Set an If criteria, or check Assign All
      1. E.g. If this event occurs: Inbound Lead is generated in your storefront.
    2. Set multiple And & Or criteria(s),
      1. E.g. And the event fits the following criteria: Region is United States Or Company HQ Region is United States
    3. Set a Then & And criteria
      1. E.g. Then this action will take place: Change Lead Status from Inbound to Qualified And Assign Leads to Internal Team Member
  6. Then set the frequency of your notifications: Notify in real time, Daily Digest, Weekly Digest, or Mute all
    1. Notify others by adding their emails separated by commas in the Send notifications to other (CC) field

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Manage Channel Rules

Quickly view and manage your created rules from your Channel Rules page where you can view the Rule title, Conditions, Assignee, or take action on all of your rules. You also can Filter, sort, and view your Team Rules and Distributor Rules all within the grid. 

  • To pause a rule click the pause icon and click Pause
    • Pro Tip: Set a scheduled date and time to unpause your rule by toggling on Automatically unpause assignment on specified date
  • To unpause your rule press the play icon and press Unpause
  • To edit your rule click the pencil icon 
  • To delete your rule click the trash icon
  • To duplicate your rule press the + icon

Understand how to set up a default inbox and manage your groups here

How to Filter Your Channel Rules Grid

  1. Navigate to your Channel Rules grid
  2. Click the filter icon in the top right of the grid 
  3. Select an option to Filter by
  4. Remove filter options by clicking All from the drop-down
  5. Or simply search your rules by using the Search rules field to the left of the filter button

How to Sort Your Channel Rules Grid

  1. Navigate to your Channel Rules grid
  2. Click the down arrow ↓ in the top right corner of the grid 
  3. Select Date Created, Assignment Name, Assignment Type, or Assignee
  4. Select Ascending or Descending


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