How to Configure Your Terms of Sale

Use Knowde’s powerful Terms of Sale functionality to manage your eCommerce-enabled storefront. Automate quotes, create rules for targeted customers, create rules for brands, and create selling policies that configure how customers can checkout. 

In this article, you'll learn how to configure and manage your Terms of Sale

Note: This feature is available to e-commerce enabled Suppliers


How Terms of Sale Works

Create a Terms of Sale

Manage Terms of Sale Policies


How Terms of Sale Works

Terms of Sale adapts your product pages and selling policies to your company's needs. Your selling policies can be customized and automated while supporting your customer, product, and fulfillment requirements. 

Terms of Sale policies you create issue Instant Quotes. Targeted Customers are asked 3 Qualifying Questions before receiving an Instant Quote. If their answers match your requirements, they will instantly get access to Pricing & Terms. If not, we’ll ask them to submit a standard Request for Quote.

Create a Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale automate your company’s quote creation process. Create policies based on your company’s business rules and target specific customer groups to receive terms and pricing information. Follow the below steps to create your first Terms of Sale policy: 

  1. Navigate to Settings found in your Account Manager 
  2. Click Terms of Sale from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Create Term of Sale in the top right corner of the Terms of Sale page
  4. Complete the Policy Overview section, enter a Policy Name, Description, and Expiration
    1. The Policy Expiration date set is when the Terms of Sale will still stop generating Quotes
  5. Complete the Specify Target Customers section to set criteria for which customers see the option to get an Instant Quote. 
    1. Choose a customer segment: Only Knowde members or Only Verified Knowde Members
      1. Note: Only Verified Knowde Members are members with a verified business on Knowde with a verified email address
    2. Set up to six Custom Conditions to narrow down your customer segment
  6. Complete the Specify Target Products to set which products the policy applies to and a pricing model
    1. Choose which products the policy applies to: All products or Specific products
    2. Choose a product pricing model: manage pricing at the SKU level, Increase price by a percentage by unit/package, or Increase price by cash amount by unit/package
  7. Complete the Build your Qualifying Questions section to set questions asked to a customer to determine if they qualify for an Instant Quote
    1. Choose qualifying Target Markets or check the box to Accept any target market and
    2. Enter an Expected Annual Volume range or check the box to Accept any volume range
    3. Choose a Delivery Location or check the box to Accept any delivery location 
  8. Complete the Term Visibility and Specify Terms Visibility sections to display term rules transparently for your customer before they submit
  9. Now you can Publish the Terms of Sale by clicking Publish Policy in the top right or Save as a Draft 

Terms of Sale gif.gif

Manage Terms of Sale Policies

Quickly view and manage your created policies from your Terms of Sale page where you can view the Rule title, Description, Status, Creator, or take action on all of your policies.  

  • To unpublish a rule click the pause button
  • To publish your rule press the play button 
  • To edit your rule click the pencil icon 
  • To delete your rule click the three dots and Trash


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