Using the Account Manager

From managing your leads and customer requests to updating your profile, the Account Manager is your command center to manage all of your interactions on the Knowde platform. Here’s how to navigate the Account Manager:

1. Account tab - Settings related to your own profile; Make changes to your profile information, such as your login credentials & your contact details.


2. Company tab - Check out the Dashboard that shows you a daily overview of requests and leads data that require your attention! This tab also hosts settings related to the company-level, such as adding users and updating your company information.

3. Storefront tab - Update information displayed on your storefront. Set your Assignments and Addresses, and if you ever need to submit a support request regarding your storefront, such as making edits or image updates, you can fill out a Service Request.


4. Marketing tab - Manage everything related to marketing. Upload your contacts for email campaigns, create email campaigns, and more!


5. Customer Requests tab - Manage the requests you are receiving from customers through your storefront. 



6. eCommerce tab - Review and manage your Quotes, Orders, Terms of Sales to facilitate and execute transactions!




7. Digital Selling tab - Manage all of your leads in one place. View and engage with all contacts that have shown interest in your solutions.


8. Insights tab - Review analytics for storefront performance and access customer insights. 



9. Procurement tab - This is where you’ll find and manage all requests, quotes, and orders you/your company has submitted to other supplier storefronts.


For any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success contact or submit a request here.

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