How to Update Your Sample Request


Pre-requisite: set up Assignments

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How to Locate a Sample Request

First, who has access to view a sample request? Any Supplier with a Storefront on Knowde who has the following role(s): Company Admin, Representative, Messenger Representative, or Expert.


Accessing my Sample Request

There are several ways you can access Sample Requests.


1. The user designated to the "Sample Request" assignment will receive an email notification letting them know they have a sample request in their Knowde Storefront. Clicking on the hyperlink will take them directly to the pending sample request page.

This is what the email looks like and it will originate from


2. When you login from Knowde's Homepage as a Supplier, you'll be directed to My Dashboard. Click "View Dashboard" to view the updates to your Storefront.



Navigate to "Sample Requests" then click "View Requests"



3. Finally, you can see this sample request by navigating to the left menu bar and navigating to "Customer Requests" then "Sample Requests" 


This is what the Sample Requests page looks like:



In this screen, you can see details of your requests, including but not limited to:

1. The date this Sample Request was created

2. Which Storefront user the Sample Request is assigned to

3. Which product the Sample Request is for

4. Anticipated estimated annual volume


Take an Action

Next, you will take an action on this Sample Request. There are two ways to take action:

1. Click into the Sample Request Card to view more details of this request and update the status on the top right-hand side. The Buyer will be notified of this status change automatically via email (




2. Or you can use the Quick Tasks Menu on each individual request to take a quick action. From here, you will also have the option to send a message to the Buyer.



Response Time Best Practices

  • Sample Requests should be responded to within 48 hours
  • Ideally, Sample Requests should be shipped within 7 days
  • Sample Request statuses should be marked as "Completed" within 7 days
  • If there is a delay in shipping or a cancellation, the Supplier should notify the Buyer and will own communication with the Buyer


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