7 Steps to Enable a Successful Storefront

Our team regularly is asked about best practices or tips and tricks that will help Suppliers be more successful within their Storefront.  

In this article, you'll be able to understand the best steps to enable a successful Storefront. 

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


Step 1: Complete Product Descriptions

What? Ensure every product in your Knowde Storefront has a comprehensive description covering applications, properties, and more.

Why? Detailed descriptions improve discoverability, leading to more leads and transactions.

How? Access the Product Page, and fill out the Product Description section with concise yet informative content.

Learn more about Product Descriptions here.

Step 2: Ensure Channel Rules are Set Up

What? Use Channel Rules to direct leads to the right team members based on criteria like region, product, or market.

Why? Streamlined lead management improves buyer experience and shortens the buyer journey.

How? Access the assignment engine, and create rules based on assignment type and assignees.

Learn more about Channel Rules here.

Step 3: Enable Backlinks from Your Website

What? Link your company website to your Knowde Storefront for improved SEO and increased traffic.
Why? Backlinks enhance your Storefront's visibility and drive more potential buyers.

How? Coordinate with your website owner to embed links to your Knowde pages.

Learn more about Backlinking here.

Step 4: Respond to Buyer Requests Promptly

What? Update request statuses within 48 hours to demonstrate responsiveness and encourage repeat visits.

Why? Prompt responses improve buyer satisfaction and lead to increased opportunities.

How? Access detailed requests via email notification or Storefront dashboard and update status accordingly.

Learn more about Responding to Customer Requests here.

Step 5: Create Social Media Posts

What? Use social media platforms to promote your Knowde Storefront, products, and updates.

Why? Social media posts increase awareness and attract more visitors to your Storefront.

How? Craft engaging posts with links to your Storefront and product pages.

Learn more about Social Media Best Practices here.

Step 6: Review Your Analytics Dashboards

What? Utilize Knowde's Analytics Dashboards to gain valuable insights into Storefront traffic and visitor behavior.

Why? Understanding visitor data helps optimize marketing strategies and improve Storefront performance.

How? Access the Analytics section of your Storefront to view available dashboards and analyze data.

Learn more about Your Analytics Dashboard here.


Step 7: Enable Chat Widgets

Note: This is available to premium Suppliers

What? Utilize chat widgets to connect with buyers instantly and efficiently.

Why? Instant communication improves customer experience and generates leads more effectively.

How? Coordinate with Knowde's Customer Success team to enable chat widgets for your Storefront.

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