Best Types of Product Documentation for Your Storefront

Determine the Product Documentation for Your Storefront

If you are a Seller currently in the onboarding process or are looking to improve your Storefront, it is very important to understand what type of product documentation the Knowde team will need to help you succeed. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for a prospect to find your products and the more likely it will be that they engage with your store.

The foundation of your Storefront’s success begins with providing product documentation that thoroughly explains what your product is, what it does, and how it is used. At the most basic level, you should expect to share the following: 

  1. Technical Data Sheets
  2. Safety Data Sheets
  3. Product Brochures and/or Product Selection Guides
Document Type Importance
Technical Data Sheets
  • Primary source of information to be displayed on your product page
  • Enables classification and tagging of your products to make them findable using Knowde’s powerful search and filter tools
    • Pro Tip: The richer the classification and tagging for a given product, the more discoverable it is and the greater the chances a buyer lands on your store.
Safety Data Sheet
  • Comprehensive document providing detailed information about the hazards, handling, storage, and emergency measures related to a chemical product, essential for safe handling, use, and disposal, as mandated by regulatory authorities.
  • Crucial documentation often requested by buyers pre- or post-purchase, providing quick access to vital safety information, minimizing wait times, and enhancing buyer satisfaction.
Product Brochures and Selection Guides
  • Another source of information to be displayed on your product page
  • Promotional materials outlining product benefits, features, and applications, designed to attract a broad audience using persuasive language and visuals.

Additionally, you can provide the following documents to enrich the buyer experience and boost engagement with your store: 

  1. Formulations
  2. Certifications
  3. White Papers 
  4. Marketing Collateral
Document Type Importance
  • Attract more customers to your store by providing formulations and recommended product usage levels.
    • Pro Tip: Many customers find formulations very helpful and they are more likely to engage with a store that provides product usage and formulation guidance.
  • For buyers that have strict certification and compliance requirements, providing certification documents assures them early in the buying journey that your product satisfies their needs and thus they are more likely to engage.
White Papers
  • Improve the quality of your leads by providing R&D personnel access to this technical information. These often requested documents enable researchers to make educated decisions as to whether your product is a good fit for their application.
Marketing Collateral
  • Utilize existing marketing materials that emphasize your product's value proposition. Incorporate them directly onto your product page to enhance customer visibility.
    • Such content can also facilitate comprehensive product classification and tagging, providing additional information for customers. 
  • Often can be a source of extra information to enable richer classification and tagging of products.


You can reach out to your Onboarding/Customer Success contact by email at or through our support portal here.

*Note: If there are security concerns around publicly posting Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, or other documents, our team will strictly use them to extract the key information to make your products discoverable and will not post documents directly on your Storefront (see article on "Manage Document Visibility" for more information). Please inform your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager if you have any questions!

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