Searching on Knowde: Using Smart Filters

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What is a Smart Filter?

Accessing Smart Filters

Best Practices


Filtering on Search: Applying Smart Filters

What is a Smart Filter?

Smart Filters are the most popular filters for a given page. Knowde puts them at the top of the results page for easy access.




Accessing Smart Filters

Smart Filters will be displayed when a Customer selects a Market or Technology from our Menu or from the category dropdown within our Search bar. Alternatively, after doing a keyword search, a Customer can select a Market or Technology from our category panel. Selecting a Market or Technology will display the most relevant Smart Filters. 






Best Practices

Smart Filters become more applicable as the Customer selects more specific submarkets or subtechnologies. Navigating using our Menu or the category panel is an easy way to select a submarket or subtechnology and get to the best filters.



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