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Setting up your Expert Profile

Expert Permissions

Experts on your Storefront


Setting up your Expert Profile

As an Expert, your Profile is displayed publicly on your Storefront. Make sure to add a Description and Profile image to attract more buyer engagement!

Sign up to Knowde and navigate to your account by clicking into your Profile in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

  1. From My Profile, ensure all normal fields (Name, Job Title) are filled out.
  2. Click the Role drop-down and choose your Role.
  3. Click into the Expert Type drop-down and select what type of expert you are.
  4. In the Expert Description field, write a sentence or two about what you do at your company and what you specialize in.
  5. Make sure you have a high resolution Profile Image uploaded



Expert Permissions

As an Expert, your Profile is displayed publicly on your Storefront. You can receive incoming messages from customers and send them inside Knowde Messenger.




Experts on your Storefront

Knowde's Messenger facilitates rapid and easy engagement with customers. Users on Knowde browsing for products can send your company messages and begin a conversation. This is why your Experts are displayed in your Experts tab and on relevant Storefront pages–we make it easy for customers to reach out to your team.

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