Automated Routing on Knowde: Conditions

And/Or rules in Assignments

Navigate to your Assignments Dashboard in your Account Manager. When creating Assignments in this dashboard, there is endless customization available to your team. 

Using custom And/Or rules can be extremely useful for including or excluding specific user groups. Say, for example, you want to route all Document Requests from North America to Salesperson A, but Salesperson B deals exclusively with Document Requests from the United States.

We can accommodate this in Assignments by using Conditions.

  1. Click Create an Assignment
  2. Enter the name and other details
  3. Select region as an attribute and add "North America".
  4. In the line below, select region as an attribute again and select "United states of america." However, on this second line, change "is" to "is not".




Your Assignment will read "Document Requests will be assigned to Your Name if Region is North America and Region is not United states of America."



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