Understanding Your Analytics Dashboards

In this article, you'll learn about how to use your Analytics Dashboards. You'll find Analytics within your Account Manager, in the profile dropdown.

Note: This feature is available to paid Suppliers only



Executive Summary

Traffic & Visits


Leads Analysis

Marketing Performance

Orders Analysis


Tip: Apply filters to your Analytics graphs to see data within a specific brand, business division, and more. Hover over the 'i' icons on each graph to learn more about what data you're looking at.


Your Executive Summary

The Executive Summary gives you a high-level view of your Storefront's or white label site's Key Performance Indicators. Use the Sales Funnel to glimpse an overview of your entire sales pipeline, with insights into everything from the number of impressions to the number of leads generated.

The Executive Summary also includes information about which channels are driving visitors to your storefront as well as the average actions taken by your visitors. In addition, the World Map graph shows where your visitors are coming from.

Use the top 10 graphs to understand the 10 most active customer companies on your storefront and which 10 of your products are generating the most views.


Your Traffic & Visits Dashboard

The Traffic & Visits Dashboard shows a more in-depth view of how many impressions your storefront on the Knowde marketplace or your white label site is generating. Most of these impressions are for products, so make sure you've sufficiently filled out your product information and documentation!

This Dashboard also breaks down your impressions by channel of origin (Google Search, Social Ads, etc.) and shows you any fluctuations in your channels over time. 

Learn which Google Search keywords are driving the most impressions and clicks to your storefront, as well as learn which of your resources contributes the most to your discoverability on Google and Knowde search.

In addition, you can see the total number of visitors to your storefront, and see which user roles visit your storefront most often (R&D, Procurement, Marketing, etc.). 


Your Engagement Dashboard

This dashboard is for Premium users only.

The Engagement Dashboard surfaces your most engaged visitors. With this information, take action and nurture these high-value leads. You will also see which pages and products are receiving the most views and engagement.

Your Engagement Dashboard also shows you which documents receive the most views. Use this information and more to understand why some of your products are generating more traction than others!

Here, you'll see statistics on your Customer Request fulfillment performance. You can see all the products and brands that customers have sampled and how quickly your team is fulfilling these requests.

In addition, this dashboard contains an Activity Feed to show you all the activity on your storefront including how many seconds a user spent on your page, what action they took, and information about their job and company.


Your Leads Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard is for Premium users only.

The Leads Analysis Dashboard gives you more information specific to your leads on Knowde. You'll see the total number of leads generated and a breakdown by month.

In addition, you will see a graph of all the lead events that occurred and where they came from. For example, you can see that a lead was created from a sample request and that the lead originated from an email campaign.

Then, the Leads Analysis Dashboard breaks down your most engaged leads and the actions they took on your storefront. 

To provide your marketing and sales team the most valuable insights, we also provide a graph indicating where customers are falling off the journey. We show your current visit to lead conversion rate and a breakdown of which actions generated the most leads.


Your Marketing Performance Dashboard

This dashboard is for Premium users only.

The Marketing Performance Dashboard offers information into how your campaigns are performing. These campaigns originate from the Knowde Marketing Platform. 

We show you how your campaigns are performing based on impressions, clicks, visits, and leads generated. We also break down the performance of paid vs. unpaid marketing campaigns and surface the average CTR (Click-through rate). 

We'll also show you how each email you send performs. You can view the total unique deliveries, total unique opens, total unique clicks, and more for each email you send.


Your Orders Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard is for Premium users only.

If you are a supplier signed up to participate in E-Commerce on Knowde, you will see an Orders Analysis Dashboard. This Dashboard provides an overview of your orders by showing you how many orders you're processing each month and what size those orders are. We also surface basic statistics like your average order cost, the total number of unique orders, and the total number of purchasing companies. The Orders Analysis Dashboard shows the value of all your RFQs added together and extrapolates this to estimate your annual active quote value. This Dashboard also shows a comparison of the quote to order, showing you the quoted total and the subsequent order amount. It also shows the details of each order and each RFQ.

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