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What is a Lead?

How to Qualify & Nurture a Lead


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What is a Lead?

A lead is any customer that is identified as a potential buyer of your products. Knowde identifies these leads for you based on the following interactions:

  • Actions taken on a Product page
  • Actions taken on a Document page
  • Requests submitted
  • Messages exchanged
  • and more.

In your Account Manager, Knowde surfaces important information about your leads so you can contact them and observe their behavior on your storefront or white label site.


How to Qualify & Nurture a Lead

To view your Leads Page, navigate to your Account Manager by signing in and clicking into the upper right hand corner to view your Profile. From the Account Manager, click into Selling --> Leads.

The first information you will notice on this page are Lead Scores associated with each lead. Higher scores indicate "hotter" leads, whereas lower scores indicate a lead that requires nurturing.




Learn more about Lead Scores here.

Want to customize the information you see here? Learn how to here


Learn about your Leads

Click on any row in your Leads page in order to view more information about a customer. The Detail view will show you their contact information and details about their customer profile (Job title, Location, Company, etc.). From the Detail page, you can message or email a lead.

In addition, this page shows you any Interests associated with a lead as well as their Buyer Journey. This will give your team more context into what this lead is looking at, which products may interest them, and will enable better and more productive conversations.

Reach out to your leads with low scores and offer to discuss your product selection with them!




Learn more about the Lead Detail view here


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