Your Storefront and Users

Knowde is a marketplace for chemicals, polymers, and ingredients. The Knowde marketplace is composed of unique suppliers and their product offerings. Each supplier has its own dedicated space within our marketplace – we call this space your Storefront.

In this article, you'll learn about your storefront and users.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


What is a Storefront?

How do Customers Find my Storefront?

Set up your Storefront Information and Images

Update Company Information

Invite Company Members to Your Storefront 


What is a Storefront?

You can think of the Knowde marketplace as a shopping mall, where each storefront represents an individual shop within the mall.

Your Knowde Storefront facilitates direct communication with customers about your business and products. Customers can easily discover and connect with your team through our best-in-class digital shopping experience!

If you have a white label site, customers can view your company's store and product pages from your own website, in addition to or instead of on the marketplace. For example, your unique store could be listed at 



How Do Customers Find My Storefront?

Most commonly, a customer will come across your storefront on the Knowde marketplace “organically” through search engines (Google, etc.) as well as using our Knowde search at the top of each page. 

The more information that you can provide about the end uses and applications of your products, the more likely your products and storefront will be found. When customers search for specific companies, products, or applications, the results surface in order of relevance.

To make your storefront more discoverable online, make sure to provide the Knowde Onboarding team with as much product documentation as possible (Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, brochures, formulations, certifications, etc.). In addition, enhance your Storefront's appearance so it feels like a natural extension of your company's branding and customers know exactly where they're shopping!

A proactive approach to optimizing your storefront's discoverability is through marketing. Learn more about marketing on Knowde here or reach out to your Customer Success Manager here to find out about KnowdeDigital.


Set up your Storefront Information and Images

Once you've signed into your Knowde Account, click on your user avatar in the upper right-hand corner and select View Storefront from the drop-down menu.




Below your Storefront logo, click the button labeled Edit Storefront to access the Storefront Editor. This button will only be visible if you are a Contributor or Admin on your Storefront.




Update Company Information

Inside your Storefront Editor you will see a list of fields related to your storefront on Knowde.

  1. Update your About section
  2. Update your Storefront Introduction section
  3. Confirm, update, or add your company's address and Contact Information.
  4. Add links to your company's social media profiles
  5. Use the Preview button at the bottom of the screen to preview changes to your Storefront, or click Save 

Changes made here will affect both your marketplace and white label storefront. 


Choose Images

Navigate to your Storefront Editor (see instructions above). Click on the "Images" tab at the top to modify any of the images displayed on your Storefront. 

  1. Ensure your company's logo image has been added. Make sure you upload a square image of your logo on a white or transparent background
  2. Scroll down to choose your Sidebar Cover Image. You can make a selection from our curated Knowde library or upload your own
  3. Upload a default Card Banner for all your Products. You can make individual customizations within the Product Editor
  4. Upload an Experts image to add a background to your Experts tab
  5. Use the preview button to double-check your changes or click Save to save updates

Tip: When choosing whether to select an image from our Knowde library or update your own, make sure to click the text that corresponds to your selection (Eg. click on the "Knowde Library" text to choose an image). Changes made here will affect both your marketplace and white label storefront. 

Invite Company Members to Your Storefront

To invite team members to your storefront click on the Account Manager drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of your browser. Navigate to Company, then click Users to view/manage teammates on your Knowde storefront.

Inside the Users page, click Invite New Users and get started adding your teammates. Enter your teammate(s) email address into the Emails field that appears in this pop-up form.

When you are finished adding emails, click the Send Invite button. This will send your teammate(s) an email to their inbox inviting them to join your team on Knowde.


Tip: In this form, you can assign a Role to all the users you invite. Be aware that if you select this option, all your invited users will receive the same Role. To get more specific and assign different roles to each user, learn more here.


Learn about Experts here.


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