In-Depth Product Information Handling

Each product in your PIM will contain a product record. A product record has a massive amount of data associated with it. Extracting the data and organizing it to be viewable, or editable within a system moves the needle of digitizing the chemical industry vs. having to sort through this data manually in hard copy. A Product Record is a view of all the associated attributes, attribute values, variable values, categories, associated documents, and everything related to a product.

In this article, you'll learn how to edit and manage product record details.


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Editing product details (ID, name, brand, description)

Managing product status (draft, published)

Working with categories, attributes, and properties

Managing SKUs (adding, editing, and associating with products)



Editing product details (ID, name, brand, description)

Here, you will find all of the stored product data, identifying product information, categories it falls into, specific attributes, properties, and finally attached documents. Editing information is as simple as selecting the edit icon, but remember to save your changes before clicking away. 


The Product ID is assigned at the product record creation and is unique to every product you create. You can edit the Product Name, Brand, and Description at anytime.


Managing product status (draft, published)

While you are working on a product listing, you may want to keep your product in draft state. You can manage the product status here.

2024-02-28_15-51-22 (1).gif

However, once you Publish a product, only a PIM Admin can move the published product back into Draft.


Working with categories, attributes, and properties

You can access categories, attributes, and properties all through the tabs after Product Info.

To associate your products with Categories, just head on over to the Categories tab and Add Category. You can choose from Knowde's extensive array of product categories, streamlining the process for buyers to filter and discover your products within the Marketplace.


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