Responding to Sample Requests

All requests for samples made by customers on your storefront can be found on the Sample Requests page within your Account Manager. 

In this article, you'll learn how to respond to sample requests.

Note: This feature is available to all Suppliers


How to Respond to Sample Requests

How Do I Delete a Request?

Insufficient Information

How to Respond to Sample Requests

  1. Navigate to your Account Manager by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. From the menu bar click Requests 
  3. Then click Sample Requests
  4. Quickly review the number of new requests and other request metrics on the dashboard attached to the top of the grid
  5. Review or respond to a request by clicking Review on a row in the grid
    • Scroll down to review more Request and Qualification Details
  6. Review the request for sample(s) and respond by clicking Mark as Qualified or Decline
    • Mark as Qualified*
      • After you mark a request as qualified, you are now able to approve the request by clicking Approve Request
      • Once shipped, click Enter Tracking ID with a note, then click Mark as Shipped
      • Once delivered, click Mark as Delivered  
    • Decline*
      • If you decline a request, add a note to let the requester know why you are declining the request and click Decline to confirm

Note: * The requester will be notified

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Response Time Best Practices

  • Own communication with the customer
  • Sample Requests should be responded to within 72 hours
  • Ideally, Sample Requests should be shipped within 7 days
  • Sample Request statuses should be marked as Completed within 7 days
  • If there is a delay in shipping or a cancellation, you should notify the customer

How Do I Delete a Request? 

You can archive requests from the Sample Request detail view or the quick actions menu from the grid. From the detail view click more and mark it as Archived and from the quick actions menu click Archive. If you mistakenly archive a request you can always change the status from the quick actions menu from the grid to unarchive it. 

Insufficient Information

At times you will run into a request that appears to have incomplete information. If this is the case, please reach out to the buyer directly and ask for their full name and company details to move forward with the request. This helps us to maintain a sense of quality with inbound requests and strengthens our relationship with our Suppliers. 


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