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Before we can enable white label on your corporate site we’d like to set you up for success with training to get you ready to launch your new product catalog. Our onboarding specialists will walk you through the process step by step, and you can always refer back to this guide if you have any questions or need to find a helpful resource.

Please note that not all implementations are the same, and some of the steps below may change based on discussions with your onboarding specialist.


Kickoff & Discovery

Stakeholders: Entire Team

Duration: Two 1 hour meeting

Objective: Align on the project plan

Description: Our onboarding specialist will set up a one hour kickoff call with all of the stakeholders on your team. On this call we will review the full project plan specific to your implementation and ensure all stakeholders understand the timelines and their responsibilities. We will conclude the call by detailing out next steps, assigning takeaways, and scheduling recurring strategy sessions.

Gathering Project Requirements: 

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your new product catalog by determining the best placement on your website based on your KPIs & project objectives. In order for your white label catalog to fit in seamlessly with your current digital presence, we need to gather information such as: colors for primary buttons, links for terms and conditions, and requirements for integrations with your CRM or other tools. Once we have determined the product catalog placement on your corporate website, and the custom requirements for your store, we can move into technical implementation and start setting up your site. 

Building out your Product Catalog:

Stakeholders: Marketing & Technical Experts

Duration: Typically 3 one hour sessions

Objective: Gather requirements implementation and educate stakeholders on how to use the platform

If there are any products or documents you wish to add to your product catalog before launch, please let your onboarding specialist know so that they can assist you. If you are new to Knowde, this process may take between 3-5 weeks. If you are already a supplier in the marketplace, adding new products will only take a few days. 

  1. Send us all of your product documents (TDS/SDS/Brochures/etc.)
  2. Our team spends 2-4 weeks pulling out relevant information to tag your products for a modern search experience
  3. We send you an extract of the search tags we have applied by product
  4. We share product pages (in preview mode)
  5. Your product & marketing experts review search tags and product pages to provide feedback to our team to refine and optimize

Below are a few helpful resources you can reference:

  • Here you can see the types of documents used to build out your product catalog
  • Here you can learn how to add or edit your products if you have an existing storefront on Knowde marketplace.

  • Here you can learn how to use our completeness score to maximize success and fill out product information.

Technical Implementation

Stakeholders: IT

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks, and one 30 minute meeting

Objective: Set up your site


Our engineering team will work to set up your store at your unique URL with the agreed upon custom requirements and specifications. Once your site is available, we will work with your IT team to ensure your new product catalog is integrated on your site and that your internal team can test before launching to the public.

Integrations with your site are straightforward and simple; it should take 30 minutes or less with your IT team member to get your product catalog setup on your corporate website.

Strategy & Training Sessions

Stakeholders: Marketing and IT

Duration: 30 minutes weekly

Objective: Gather requirements implementation and educate stakeholders on how to use the platform

Education and Training:

Success here goes beyond just implementation; it is equally as important for your team to understand how to best use these new tools. We will hold training sessions to ensure that your team understands the best practices for how to use your product catalog and interact with customers based on our industry learnings. 

Below are a few helpful resources you can reference:

  • Here is a glossary of terms and functionality

  • Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions in our messenger, and best practices for responding to them

  • Here you can learn about user setup and management

  • Here you can learn about your dashboard

  • Here you can learn about leads

  • Here you can learn about requests

  • Here you can learn how to search and filter

  • Here you can learn how to access your analytics insights

User Acceptance Testing

Stakeholders: Marketing & IT

Duration:  30 minute meeting twice a week for two weeks 

Objective: Test your site


We will launch your site behind a password so that only your internal team can access it and test to ensure all of your expectations are met before launch. Our onboarding specialist will hold testing sessions twice a week. In those meetings they will communicate the status of fixes, discuss priorities, and give you the opportunity to report issues. Additionally, anyone can report issues through our bug reporting portal.  

Below are a few helpful resources you can reference:

  • Here is how to report an issue and what to expect in terms of SLA and turnaround time 

  • Here is where to report an issue

  • Here are some guidelines for testing and suggested test scenarios

    • Test scenarios outline how some key features work

    • We recommend following these when testing, and using them as a reference before reporting an issue

  • Here is a glossary of terms and functionality to help you understand the test scenarios

Go Live

Stakeholders: Entire Team

Duration: one 30 minute meeting

Objective: Decide if your site is ready to launch


At this point your white label site has been tested, we’ve fixed all important issues, and we are ready to launch to the public! Before doing so, we will have a “go, no go” meeting with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is comfortable with launching and we have the necessary approvals. Once approved, our team will remove the password protection on the site, and your IT team can publish the new changes to your corporate site for all to see.

Post Launch

Stakeholders: Project Owner

Objective: Ensure the success of your new site

Quarterly Check-ins

Once we’ve launched your store we want to continue to work with you in order to provide you and your customers the best possible experience. Shortly after launch, we will sync to make sure everything is operating as expected and that all bugs or issues are resolved. We will hold quarterly check-ins to ensure you are hitting your goals and provide consistent updates on new features and functionality. 

Technical Support and Bug Reporting

If you find a bug in your white label store after launch, please follow the following processes to report it: 

If it’s an issue reported by a customer in the messenger, such as “I cannot login”, please bring technical support into the chat in order to help resolve the issue live. You can do so by going to your live conversations dashboard and clicking “Add an Expert” and choose “Technical Support”. Our concierge team will enter the chat on your behalf (with no mention of Knowde) and resolve the issue. 

For all other issues, please follow our bug reporting process and go to our portal to submit your bug. You can get here by logging into your Knowde account, going to your account manager, select Storefront, then Service Requests, and choose “report a bug” from the dropdown.

Please refer to the SLAs in the bug reporting process for more information around how fast you should expect your issues to be resolved. Your CSM will clearly communicate the status of any open issues. 

Future Features and Roadmap

You will be able to reference our white label supplier hub to find important information about new features and releases. You will be able to view release notes and feature descriptions here when new functionality is introduced, as well as get training from your Customer Success Manager on how to best use those features. 

If there is additional functionality you wish to request to be built for your white label store, please reference the product roadmap and talk with your Customer Success Manager.

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